SANTA WRAP - Multifunctional Face Wraps

While the kids are busy unwrapping their presents, wrap yourself up warm with a festive, yet ghoulish Santa face complete with half-moon spectacles, rosy red cheeks and…um…a row of large serrated teeth, perfect for devouring mince pies as well as the mortal souls of your sworn enemies. Happy Christmas, you terrifyingly demonic Satan Claus, you! HO HO HO!

Multifunctional Face Wraps is made of 100% Soft and Stretchy Microfiber Polyester, 20in x 10in using high-quality breathable microfiber that protects against the Heat (Moisture Wicking); Cold; Wind; Dust and Insects.

This seamless Loop Scarf can be used as a Face Mask; Balaclava; Headband; Wristband; Beanie and lots more. Suitable for climbing, running, cycling, motorcycling, boating, skating, skiing, surfing, or just raving!

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